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Cassandra Scott
Very intuitive, and support has been great... Loving the ease of use and the logic behind everything - very intuitive, and support has been great.
Xero API
Please be aware that Synergy 8 has been renamed to Oncord. https://www.oncord.com/resources/blog/rebrand/
Marius Higgs
So you have a developer that you pay to design and to make changes to your website, then you have a seperate CRM system, a separate email marketing system, a separate events management system, a social media posting system and a separate ecommerce systems to manage sales online? NOT ANYMORE with Synergy8 it is all in one all the features and it integrates with Xero with a 2 way sync. This is by far the best system we came across to run your website and digital marketing effectively!!
Susan Davis
We use Synergy 8 for our website, email marketing and online store. I find it very user friendly and quick. The xero integration works well too.
Steve McNaught
My 4x4 Accessories business Tough Toys (www.toughtoys.com.au) is a long term customer of Synergy8 and their Content Management System. Our shopping cart syncs our sales perfectly with Xero and it allows us to concentrate on other more important aspects of our business operations instead of wasting time manually matching online purchases. Synergy8 is great value with its useful features such as Community Members which lets you manage and track all the visitors to your website and allowing you to send Email Marketing to them. Keep up the good work S8!
Robert King
This is a great locally made application, it is one of the few CMS (Content Management System) with a shopping cart functionality that out of the box plugs directly into Xero with a two way sync. Most other shopping cart applications in the market like Shopify and Woo Commerce for example, require a connector to plug into Xero which adds an additional cost. Also the pricing is great, for $99.00 a month you get, SMS & Email Marketing, Hosting, Shopping Cart and a complete CMS. These are just a few features included in the application.
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