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Bridget Baker

Pretty good but room for improvement

Simpro is great and works extremely well as our main workflow software. What I would like to see, however, is better integration with Xero. Xero has the superior reminder function (as an example), however, invoices that get imported to Xero don't contain enough useful information for the client so I cannot send them as an attachment with the reminder. As an example, our invoices are very detailed and contain hourly rates and materials and a thorough description of the work done. The imported version in Xero gives the client the job number and one line with the complete pricing. That's it. Luckily, Xero's reminder function is customisable enough to not attach the PDF and just tell people in the reminder text to contact me to resend the invoice from Simpro. But it sure would be much more convenient if the proper invoice text could be imported in full.
Jin Sakhare

Almost very good

simPRO has been fantastic to deal with, the customer service is good and they more often than not listen to your request for improvements. The user experience for desktop users is fantastic but for the mobile app, it is almost good. A few things that are available on desktop like Take Off templates, is not available on the mobile app which I am sure is not a hard thing to integrate. This will save time quoting new jobs on the go than going back to your car and starting your laptop and then doing the quote and sending it. If it can be done with the customer in front of the customer on the mobile app. The conversion rate of a quote will be a lot better for the companies.
Dayle Parker


The program has made our daily office / on the road activities extremely efficient. We have very little down time due to the user-friendly app.
Accounts Flow Balance

Very Efficient & Reliable!

The integration between simPRO and Xero is the absolute solution for all your business processes. These two can increase the productivity of your business by a great extent and it is very user-friendly too.
Rachel Godwin

Great for tradies

Simpro has been great to help our small business thrive. i love how it integrates with Xero easily and how many major suppliers are automatically receipting orders, it makes my life & work so much easier
Jade Bancroft


Simpro is probably one of the best job management/CRM systems out there. We are able to do nearly everything out of Simpro and can only fault them on a few things. Over 3 years many of our issues from an administration perspective have been fixed over time with regular system updates.
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