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Cloud-based RTO student & learning software. Streamline, increase output, stay compliant & grow. SMS-LMS-TMS. Seamless student journey from enrolment to cert.

Founded in 2013 by it’s three executive management partners, Vasto Software’s ‘Vasto Educator’ platform evolved from a large Australian corporate training company and a leading financial services software development company with the goal of reducing the ever increasing administration and regulatory costs/resources needed to manage a diverse training organisation.

The core objective of Vasto is to provide a cloud based platform incorporating every conceivable function currently required for both VET and Non-VET organisations including Training Management, Learning Management, E-Learning, E-commerce and regulatory needs.

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Vasto Educator + Xero

Achieve maximum operational efficiency by enabling your Vasto account's Xero integration. Your automatically and manually generated invoices to individual learners and corporate clients will seamlessly insert into to your Xero account. Contacts who do not already exist in Xero will be created for you. Payments against invoices are two-way synchronised, meaning that whether the payment was processed in Vasto or in Xero directly, both sides will be updated accordingly with regular intra-day updates.

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