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Approval Donkey

Route 'Submitted for Approval' requests to multiple approvers, add steps and conditions so transactions are approved by who needs to.

Approval Donkey works with Xero to automate and streamline your approval workflows. It works for Xero users who may require transactions to be approved by people who don't or shouldn't need to login to Xero or when multiple approvers are required against a single transaction. Donkey work is defined as "the boring or laborious part of a job" so by calling ourselves Approval Donkey we aim to take care of the boring and laborious part of approvals, as a result saving you time, frustration and ultimately money.

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Approval Donkey + Xero

With an Approval Donkey and Xero integration any Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase Orders and Bills you 'Submit for Approval' in Xero are automatically pulled into Approval Donkey and routed to the correct people who need to make the approval decision.

Rules and conditions can be set-up to:

1) route requests based on e.g. tracking codes or amounts to the appropriate people or groups of people and

2) automatically send reminders and updates on where your requests are at. Our recently updated app makes it easy to see what you have outstanding with all the appropriate information available so approvers can make quick and effective decisions. All of this adds up to significant time and frustration savings for those submitting approval requests and those required to actually make the decision.

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