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Business Managers and Advisors see performance at a glance. White label desktop, reports and free mobile app prompt Advisor engagement to improve cash flow & KPI's. No data input required.


In combination with the personal support and advice provided by Advisors, My Own CFO provides business owners and managers with critical, real-time data supporting well-informed decisions about cash flow and business performance. Intuitive Key Performance Indicators and CFO level commentary and feedback appear automatically on your desktop or mobile device - NO DATA INPUT REQUIRED! My Own CFO interprets and explains any issues and delivers opportunities to improve cash flow and profit. It's Artificial Intelligence tailored for your business.

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My Own CFO + Xero

There's no data to input when you use My Own CFO. Once you enter Xero credentials, our algorithms pull data across from Xero into the desktop or mobile app seamlessly to populate the KPIs, Dashboards and Commentary about your business.

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Tim Hao
I was recommended to take a look at this app for my practice by a Xero advisor using the app for her clients. As with most reporting apps I've tried, you need to know where you are in the accounting close off cycle. The first thing we look at each time the data is refreshed in My own CFO is the action list - it points you directly to where the improvement opportunities are. Overall, great value for money at $10 per month and saves a lot of time. We see something valuable each time we use it. I'm sticking with this one.
Jane Jacobs
It would take me hours to pull together all of the data and analysis in this app - we weren't aware that our inventory days had blown out as they had. There's a desktop version and clever mobile app. I'd recommend others to give it a try, there's no set up involved and It's great value. Deserves *****.
Jason Bird
As we all know, being a business owner you are always time poor. Having a key financial dashboard quickly at your fingertips is key and My Own CFO really delivers. Its a terrific, at a glance tool, when you are on the road, but also has a heap of in-depth features. Importantly all the relevant info is at a glance and the design is clean and easy to follow. I love it and use it every day.
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