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FREE, auto send unlimited fee invoices and payment reminders. R/A Pay's Online payment link is included in every fee and reminder email sent. Online payments will auto clear invoices while partial payments will update invoice balances. Payments are deposited directly into your bank.

Clients can pay multiple invoices at one time. No human contact processing paper checks and waiting for them to clear. Keeping you safe. Clients can choose their preferred payment method. Merchant fees are NOT being marked up one single penny!

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Late Fee Manager
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Late Fee Manager + Xero

Late Fee Manager reviews all unpaid invoices in your Xero or QuickBooks Online account nightly so you don’t have to.
Automatically detects when a late fee invoice is necessary based on invoice due dates and your late fee policy.
Based on your settings, payment reminders and/or late fee notifications are automatically sent to your customers.

- Save time and frustration
- No more awkward emails or phone calls asking for payment.
- Protect valuable customer relationships by removing yourself from the collection process.
- ‘That’s just how my system works’ can be a very powerful motivator.

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Andy Suarez

Do Not Use

Don't know where to start... - invoices send with link to pay that goes to their own website (rapay.com) and doesn't even work (error page) - Phone number on website goes to a generic voicemail (doesn't even have company name) that is full (tried for 2 weeks, no change) - support email does not get answered (2 emails, 3 weeks, no answer) Don't even bother, or connect them to your valuable company data.
Amanda McNamara
$49/ month for a small business seems pretty excessive for creating additional invoices. I can do this myself.
Andy Leppard
Great idea, but didn't work for us. Like many companies, we invoice in multiple currencies and LFM manager couldn't cope with that. Also, our late fee structure is based on that provided under UK legislation (which sets an annual percentage rate that can be charged) - again LFM couldn't cope with that. There was an approximation, but it couldn't be made to match the legislation and couldn't calculate the correct interest due (based on the due date of the invoice) - it just does a simple calculation of a fixed % of the invoice amount each time a late fee is applied so we had to abandon this after just a few weeks, which is a shame
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