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Brendan Murphy
Great system and great customer support! I reach out to them regularly, and they are always responsive and help me find solutions quickly.
Neal Timmerman
We have been using Solve and Xero for two years now and both services have changed our business for the better. It is fantastic how on top of issues and services we are for our clients, it would not be possible without solve or Xero.
Kent Frese
We have been using Solve for a few years and just converted to Xero. We already knew that Solve was an awesome CRM, but this add-on adds a level of power to client management that is just amazing. Solve now shows the billing status of all of our clients and lets us invoice directly from Solve. So easy to setup and so powerful...really amazing.
Erin Cullison
I was considering switching my business CRM from Salesforce.com to Solve360. Within the first week of my trial subscription with Solve, I had gotten more customer support than I ever had with Salesforce. Solve doesn't have a "premium" subscription. They give the best service they can offer to all their customers, and still for a fraction of the price of Salesforce's "basic" plan. I asked for some tips on converting my business and whether they would have the features I needed, and I was given a detailed response addressing every question in my email, including pictures to help with what I was doing. I am still shocked at how great Solve360 is, and I would definitely recommend it.
Jeremiah Kavanaugh
Solve360 sits at the center of all of our business processes with Xero being our much loved accounting system. Being able to initiate all contact sync and invoice creation from inside Solve is an amazing time saver. Wonderful and simple.
DJ Dean
We use Solve to keep track of 100 hospital customers and over 4000 individuals who attend meetings during the year. We use Xero as our accounting system for over 1000 invoices a year, and use the seamless integration between the two to keep all our staff informed of accounts receivable. We also have integrated our own online registration system with both Xero and Solve, as well as the bank to create a totally hands-free process to load Solve with participant registrations, record the invoice in Xero, and email the confirmations to everyone. We are very happy with the system, and appreciate the support Solve and Xero provided to make this happen David Dean PhD
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