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Prospect CRM
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Dan Roberts

Awesome CRM

The Prospect CRM Team are always helpful and enthusiastic and pleasant to deal with, they set the standard when it comes to support. The CRM gives the flexibility and customization we were looking for, this may put some people off but the support team can help. We use it alongside Unleashed Inventory management and Xero. The CRM allows for multiple sales pipelines which is what the business needed. Since having it we have improved our lead conversation rate, reduced admin time and improved our sales process reporting. They also have a suggestion portal where you can suggest ideas and vote on ideas for future developments. There are the UK No1 CRM.
Martin Critchley

Absolutely Perfect

From the very moment of downloading the free trail to signing up the whole experience is top class. I really respected and appreciated the fact that you can't subscribe until you have had an overview capability presentation to make sure that it fits your requirements. In my case Jak gave a really great presentation and left me with no unanswered questions or hesitations. In my case the business is an perfect fit and the integration into XERO is seamless. Off all the CRM's I had reviewed this really is the UK's No. 1
Admin FP

Not for everybody

We have found the Prospect CRM team to be enthusiastic and helpful. The platform itself I found complicated to set up and (previously using Unleashed Inventory Management Software and Xero) several tasks now take longer to complete. For example, it is not possible to download a quote directly as a PDF. Managing inventory in the event of duplications (if a product code is changed in Unleashed) is extremely difficult. At times the software feels a bit buggy and slow to respond. This has resulted in us using Xero and Unleashed directly, which in turn makes the reports in Prospect less accurate.
Chris Holloway
We've been using Prospect365 CRM for a few months - it works brilliantly with Xero (as well as other apps) - the hookup was quick and easy, and we're already reaping the benefits. The team at Prospect are quick, polite, friendly, knowledgeable and they took the time to understand our business during the onboarding. Massively recommended!
Johnny Johnson
Great CRM software and very easy to use
Josh Martin
very helpful, using my CRM system to the max.
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