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Robert McCandless
Like the others - in my view the combination of Customer Sure & Xero is excellent. Our magento store orders automatically find their way into Xero, and from there customer details populate Customer Sure. 3 days after the order is received customer sure sends out an automatic email requesting feedback. The system is robust, simple and very effective - we have never received so much feedback & yes it is helping us to focus on improving our customer experience. Cheers, Rob
Stephen Paul
Valued accountancy introduced customer sure into our business last year and the results have been fantastic I honestly believe it had made us closer to our clients as they automatically get a email survey three days after we have raised a invoice through xero without me having to do anything, this has led to us receiving regular feedback rather then waiting till we send a full client survey out once a year The software makes the process so easy but more important it lets us know what we are doing right or wrong straight away so this reduces the risk of us losing a client We ask to testimonials and referrals and customer sure helps us to get both for that part alone the software has paid for itself many times over We publish all of our feedback regardless of what it is on our website and this helps potential clients know what others think of it, a great feature I truly believe that xero was the best bit of software I invested in last year and customer sure is the best and most important for this year Keep up the great work
Alan Morrison
Been using CustomerSure for the last 6 months, have found it an excellent way to gather feedback about our services and how well that service has being delivered.With a number of casual employees who provide our service, it gives us quality feedback from the customer, and is even used as an evaluation as to how well our employees are doing. Simple to implement, and the link to Xero also reminds customers their accounts are due if they have forgotten.
Jonathan Ford
We've been using CustomerSure for quite a few months now and have been delighted. The link to Xero means you can just set it up to survey your customers every time you send an invoice - effortless. We've had really good reviews from customers which have nearly always been made public. We've only had one not-so-good review which was kept private by the client and allowed us to get straight in touch and resolve the issue. Highly recommended.
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