Tax Buddy

    Tax Buddy pulls in all needed information to estimate tax from Xero, tells you when that tax is due and creates pdf payment reminders to send to clients

    TaxBuddy pulls data straight from Xero; in one overview it tells you exactly how much to pay and when to pay it. No more spreadsheets are needed, no more waiting for an accountant.

    TaxBuddy is the only Xero app that calculates provisional tax in seconds. In contrast with any other calculator available, TaxBuddy uses real time data - ensuring the most accurate calculation possible. This way you never pay too much or too little.

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    Tax Buddy + Xero

    All you have to do is add your Xero organisation into TaxBuddy by click of a button. TaxBuddy will then pull all necessary data straight from Xero (such as income and expenses) at real time.

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