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FlexiTime saves you time on pay day and improves the accuracy of your payroll by combining rosters, timesheets and payroll in one great online tool.

Payroll is payroll. What sets us apart is that we make it easy to get employee time into FlexiTime, so you can process pays quickly and accurately.

Perfect for companies with employees that work variable hours, FlexiTime automatically calculates pay and holiday entitlements from online timesheets and work patterns. Advanced leave management gives employees and managers all the information they need to request and approve leave online.

With our zero touch Payday Filing solution FlexiTime automatically sends your payroll information to IRD at the same time as you pay your staff so your PAYE obligations are sorted.

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FlexiTime + Xero

FlexiTime posts the details of each pay run to Xero as a draft invoice ready for your approval. Automatically apply different pay lines to Xero account codes or assign payroll costs to Xero tracking categories, giving you detailed cost tracking with no data entry.

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