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Debbie McLean


Easy to use, with fast approvals. Excellent for tracking machinery costs. Appreciate that quotes etc. can be attached to the Purchase Order and viewed in ApprovalMax.
Judah Kosky

Really good and robust approval workflow, but overpriced

I went through a demo of approvalmax thinking it would be a good solution for my clients. I thought the subscription was a little steep without a lot of information and figured it might be a good alternative to bill.com or something to that effect. When I found out that they don't help you pay the bill, I thought it was extraordinarily overpriced.
Jill Arnold

Great system, could do with a few more tweaks

Our approvers are really impressed with the speed of approval etc. we have a very complex requisitioner and approver scheme of delegation but it still works very well. it would be great if anything you attach (email, quotes etc) were carried through to the Xero system, thanks very much
Sarah Willis

Exactly what we needed

We started using ApprovalMax with Xero about a year ago. It has greatly increased our approval speed. Both bookkeeper and approvers appreciate the efficiency and from an audit perspective it's great to have a digital paper trail.
Carole Claridge

Brilliant App

Approval Max has automated our approvals and saved us so much time, money and stress. It is an absolutely vital Xero add-on for companies with multiple people involved in purchasing, ensuring seamless approvals with full audit trail. Straight-forward to set up and administrate, intuitive and accessible for our non-finance employees involved in the buying process, and really well designed with the end user in mind. A fantastic product, we wouldn't be without it.
Chris Alexander


Easy, smart, quick, integrated, seemless. Everything you need from an accounting system. I use if for my personal structures and for all our businesses which operations globally. 5 stars!
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