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Engage stakeholders with interactive reports sent over email & text messaging. No sign in needed, works on all devices. Easy setup, custom scheduling.

ReportAmigo empowers accountants, bookkeepers, and business leaders to keep clients and teams engaged and up-to-date with scheduled, cloud-based interactive financial reports distributed over email & SMS.

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ReportAmigo + Xero

ReportAmigo automatically syncs with Xero organizations, with no configuration needed.

Users can easily create schedules for different interactive reports to be sent on/for specific periods/dates to contacts over email and SMS.

All the reports show and work great across mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, and recipients don't need to sign in for an account or download anything to consume and interact with them.

ReportAmigo supports and enhances many of the native Xero financial reports (e.g.: Executive Summary, Profit And Loss, Actual vs. Budget) with automatic charts and interactive features, and also provides additional proprietary reports such as the Key Trends and Cashflow Forecast reports. It also supports tracking categories, cash-basis reporting, and other filters.

The app also enables sophisticated workflow management and interactions such as, for example, reviewing & annotating reports before they are distributed across teams, threaded comments and notifications, and more.

Unlike other apps which only sync from time to time, ReportAmigo's reports are always "fresh" and include the latest data available for the report periods/dates specified when the reports are processed and sent.

ReportAmigo's interactive reports also make it easy for accountants and financial professionals to improve client engagement and deliver additional consulting services on an ongoing and organized basis.

Finally, ReportAmigo also helps measure your clients' and teams' engagement with message deliverability, opens, and bounces tracking, and provides historical access to reports and comments.

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