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Quick, zero-hassle software to consolidate financial, sales and management reports. Fully featured, with custom reports, budgets, eliminations and reporting by Category all included. Mulit-currency, multi-user with Excel download, charts and flexible reporting periods.

JOIIN, simply and rapidly, produces consolidated financial reports and business
performance measures from multiple, multi-currency Xero organisations. Connect your organisations once and get your consolidated reports and KPI’s immediately whenever needed.

Ideal for business of all sizes who use Xero and need consolidated reports or
straightforward business insights from complex data. Useful for business leaders, finance staff and accountants. Speeds up financial processes and delivers financial information so you can visualise trends and alerts to help keep your business on track.

Collaborate with colleagues and advisors by sharing your reports.
Key consolidated financial reports including custom reports, balance sheets, trial balance, cashflow, and profit and loss reports all included. KPI reports include total revenue, gross profit margin, operating profit margin, activity ratio, and days sales outstanding.

Data from accounts in different currency automatically converted into a single currency of your choosing during report consolidation.

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joiin + Xero

JOIIN pulls your monthly account data from Xero using a quick, secure synchronisation process that runs automatically on a daily basis or on demand as needed. The data is then used to rapidly generate reports whenever required. All the core financial data is pulled across and JOIIN crunches the numbers to produce a wide variety of financial reports and business KPI’s.

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Made by Joiin Ltd
Added in 2018


Australia, Canada, Global, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States




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