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Simple, fast and highly visual cash flow forecasting

The number one reason small business owners are stressed and stay up at night: cash flow. Will there be enough money to make payroll next week? Is there cash to cover loan payments at month end? Cash management and cash flow forecasting are an integral part of business success. Helm makes those processes easier, faster and more intuitive.

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Helm + Xero

Helm and Xero work beautifully together. Helm scans your historical Xero data and uses this information to automatically create dynamic, forward looking cash forecasts. Receivable projections consider how individual customers have traditionally paid. Payable predictions mimic how each supplier has historically been paid. Revenue and expense information is automatically populated based on past history. And with a highly intuitive interface, all of Helm's automated logic can be quickly and easily manipulated to your needs.

Unique Features:

Drag and Drop Interface - Don’t waste time data punching. Just drag and drop your transactions to where they should be.

Historical Information - Receivable and payable timing is automatically calculated for you, and based on real payment history, not ideal invoice terms.

Receivable and Payable Control - Turn off bad debts without affecting your accounting system, change the expected date of a single invoice or modify an entire customer’s invoice expectations with one entry. Helm provides amazing flexibility!

Other Awesome Features:

Manual Forecast Additions - While we try to do a lot for you, we also know that customization is key to forecasting. You can add any additional information you want to Helm with a few easy clicks.

Scenarios - Create “what if’s” with your Xero information. What is your cash balance if a customer pays late? What happens to your future bank balance if your utility expenses are lower? You can create as many scenarios as you like to compare.

Unlimited Users - You can invite an unlimited number of users into Helm to collaborate and help formulate your forecast. And you can assign different permission levels to each.

Amazing Support - This is actually our unfair advantage! Helm was built by modern accountants with expertise in cash management and cash flow forecasting. There isn’t a question you can ask that we won’t know the answer to!

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