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Cash flow forecasting software you can trust. Float automatically updates your forecasts with Xero data. Save time and make decisions with confidence.

Float cash flow forecasting provides an intuitive solution to cash flow forecasting that business owners can understand and use, no accounting background necessary. Gone are the days of spending hours every month trying to bring your spreadsheet up to date only for it to go out of date the next time you process a transaction. Float for Xero provides you with a real time, accurate and visual cash flow forecast that will help you spot cash fluctuations in advance and have confidence in your future plans.

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Float + Xero

Float cash flow integrates seamlessly with Xero to build a visual, easy-to- understand picture of your current and future cash. It's the only cash flow app for Xero that updates your expectations with actuals every day. Simply enter your cash forecasts for what you expect to happen each month, and Float will keep these updated every day so you can track your budget vs. actuals automatically. We import every bill and invoice from Xero, enabling you to set accurate 'expected' payment dates that can be different from the official due date, making your forecast a true reflection of your cash position. Faster and simpler than Excel. Plus it never goes out of date!

In Float you can:

See your cash flow future: Float's visual interface brings your numbers to life with interactive, eye catching graphs. Easily see when you'll be going into the red or making more than you expect.

Scenario plan: Use Float's scenario planning tool to plan for different possible futures and compare them to your existing realistic forecast. Planning to hire a new employee, or want to see if you can afford to lose that client? Find out if your plans are feasible with a few simple clicks.

Forecast money that hasn't yet been invoiced for: You can use Float's forecasting features to enter placeholders for future cash movements, that then fill up with invoices or bills, and finally with actuals.

Spot cash fluctuations in advance: Having a visual picture of your cash will help you spot cash shortages and surpluses well before they happen, giving you plenty of time to secure funding or reinvest surplus cash.

Manage expected payment dates: In Float you can easily update when you actually think invoices and bills will be paid, keeping your forecast up to date with what is really going to happen.

Export to a report: Export your forecast to a CSV or PDF to show your forecast to your stakeholders. Export your base forecast or an alternative scenario forecast.

Cut down on data entry: Save time with automatic updates every 24 hours with what's really happening in your business, and trust that the information will always be accurate.

View your forecast vs your actuals: You can easily see how accurate your forecasts were in the past, enabling you to set more accurate forecasts in the future.

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