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By JuanTax Inc.
5 out of 5 stars
Automates tax preparation and facilitates electronic filing and payment Philippine businesses - because next to Xero, is Juan (one).
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June 2017
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JuanTax simplifies tax compliance for businesses in the Philippines. Tax payers or preparers can easily enter data into JuanTax, import from a spreadsheet, use our mobile app to scan images of receipts, or scan and email the documents into JuanTax. Once processed, just open the tax forms and the associated returns are pre-populated, ready for them to review.

JuanTax + Xero

JuanTax integrates with Xero for seamless tax return processing. Simply record the transactions in Xero and use the corresponding tax rates automatically pushed to Xero during the integration step. Their tax returns will automatically pull the data from Xero, ready for them to review and file. Because next to Xero (zero) is Juan (one).

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Roanne Espiritu
Posted 13 Feb 2018
5 out of 5 stars
Juantax helps me do my work efficiently. While Xero is the one in charge of my bookkeeping, I can trust juantax to handle my tax compliances. It really saves me time whenever tax reporting is on its way. With just a couple of clicks, all relevant transactions will be generated by juantax from Xero. Gone is the excel analysis and filing of tax returns. Juantax has my back on those. ANother thing I enjoyed the most is sending MAPs. Before, I have to do it all separately after filing the return. Now, juantax is the one doing it for me and I can focus my attention to something more important and urgent. Good job, Juantax!!
Marife Manaig
Posted 5 Feb 2018
5 out of 5 stars
We really find Xero and Juantax helpful. They simplify our processes with accuracy. Then, bookkeeping and tax compliance are two different processes but now, we can focus on booking all the relevant transactions and thru Juan tax, the tax report can generate itself. Though, there are some items that need improvement, the key items are already covered by the current set up. In a service-type of company, Juantax cannot recognized the revenue for VAT reporting unless the same has been FULLY PAID. The same goes for purchase of services. This leads to un reconciled amount between juan and xero. The upload templates though can work as an alternative. We are looking forward that these will be addressed in the next updates.

Response from JuanTax

Thank you for your feedback, we truly appreciate it. In the next update of JuanTax, we will be addressing your concern on partial payment so please watch out for that. Again, we appreciate your continued support and have a good day!

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By JuanTax Inc.
Added in 2017


Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore




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