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5 out of 5 stars
Create financial art with Scott's add-in. Link Xero general ledger data to your Excel spreadsheet. Refresh your spreadsheet with current Xero data, by simply recalculating your sheet. The add-in supports Tracking Categories, budgets, multiple orgs, and consolidations, on the same Excel workbook.


Scott’s add-in for Xero, gives you powerful, new Excel functions that allow you to leverage your Xero general ledger data. With Excel as your canvas, use the add-in to create beautiful financial art. Proformas, Operating Reports, Cash Flow, Tracking Category comparisons, budgets, and multi-org consolidations, are just some of what you can do.

Create once, recalc anytime. No more exporting from Xero, importing into Excel. The new Scott’s functions allow you to refresh your formulas with current Xero data, anytime you wish. Here’s a list of the functions:

=SCOTT.DESC Returns the account description for a given account code.

=SCOTT.GL Returns the sum of all transactions for a user specified date range.

=SCOTT.RANGE Returns the sum for a range of account codes.

=SCOTT.XBUDGET Returns the Xero budget

=SCOTT.XTRACK Returns the sum of an account code for a Tracking Category / Option.

=SCOTT.XTRACKR Returns the sum for a range of account codes for a Tracking Category / Option.

=SCOTT. XTRACKM Returns the sum of account transactions that have BOTH Xero Tracking Categories assigned.

As an example, the syntax for =SCOTT.GL

=SCOTT.GL (Organisation ID, Account Code, Start Date, End Date)

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Scott's Add-ins
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Scott's Add-ins + Xero

Scott's add-in for Xero, easily connects your Xero general ledger data to your Excel spreadsheet. You can connect one or multiple Xero organisations to an Excel workbook.

Simply download the add-in from the Microsoft store, connect your spreadsheet to one or more Xero organisations, and you are on your way to creating beautiful financial art.

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Helen MacGregor
5 out of 5 stars

Teething issues quickly resolved

Signed up to the trail, had a play around and was very happy. I signed up when I was ready and quickly got my reports together, but after a day or so I wasn't able to refresh my data and I kept received a #VALUE error. I emailed the help email and Scott very quickly responded. After sending a couple of files and a lovely Zoom call with Scott and Alex, my issue was resolved and my reports are now fabulous! Thank you to all at Scott's Add-ins. I'm very happy with my reports and how easy it is to use the software. Would definitely recommend in the future.
Yvonne Groenen
5 out of 5 stars

Quick response help

While having a MS issue, that was affecting my Scott's Add in, I emailed support on a Sunday afternoon (you know, reports were due the next day) and Scott himself offered a zoom meeting to see if there were any suggestions with my computer issues. As a business owner myself, his care was greatly appreciated. YG
Sharon Groves
5 out of 5 stars

Great Add in

This is an easy to use Add in and with timely human support too!

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