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Narelle Strachan
5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic Customer Service

I've been using Vinsight for around twelve months. Every time I've phoned the help line with a query, my call has been answered within minutes and my query has been resolved immediately. I phoned the call centre today and the gentleman I spoke to couldn't answer my query so he sent a message to Simon to phone me back which he did within 15 minutes. Simon was able to resolve my query immediately. This kind of customer service is unheard of with most online products. It's such a time saver and Vinsight's customer service is to be commended.
Orders Hills Cider
5 out of 5 stars
Vinsight has been an integral tool for allowing us to manage our stock and sales. Simon and the team are always on hand to address any queries, are extremely prompt with their service, and always willing to discuss any changes or improvements. The fact that Vinsight can be accessed anywhere, any time, is a huge plus for our on the go business. The reports we are able to generate are highly valuable, easy to run and cover all required aspects.
Miriam Feldheim
5 out of 5 stars
Vinsight has been invaluable in calculating the WET tax liability for the different scenarios where the tax needs to be applied. My client is a small wine producer in Australia who sells to retail outlets, distributors, and direct to the public. In each case different rules apply for calculating the WET. In addition, the winery is eligible for the Wine Producer Rebate. Simon Lampen was of great assistance in getting the program up and running and helping me to learn to use the software properly. Along with his team, the necessary adaptation was quickly made for the rebate to be calculated along with the WET liability. They are genuinely interested customer feedback so the program can continue to be developed to suit client needs. The integration with Xero makes it easy to reconcile the accounts and prepare accurate reports. It is a pleasure to use the Vinsight program. The program makes WET calculation easy.
Deb Hartigan
5 out of 5 stars
We are a wine producer, wholesaler & retailer & are using the Vinsight system in its entirety from Grape Growing through to finished goods in the Winemaking Module & then we are also using the Sales module. We have found the system to have everything that we need in terms of costing up stock, to keeping track of inventory in all of its forms eg Bulk Wine & Finished Goods. We are finding that staff are able to use the system easily & from an accounting point of view the Vinsight system integrates with Xero & allows us to account for the WET tax. The people at Vinsight are very helpful & are only a phone call away, they are happy to answer questions on how to do things in the system, they also are continually improving the system with any feedback that we give.
AC Peckham
5 out of 5 stars
We have recently implemented Vinsight in our cidery. The learning curve was quite steep, but the support from Simon and his small team is first class - you deal with the people who make the software tick, not some call centre. Within weeks we have all our legacy data imported (Vinsight has very flexible import capabilities) and we are running an integrated system that starts with orchard operations and goes all the way through to sales. Vinsight has stored data on harvest - weights, date, variety, origin, state of fruit etc which is proving valuable in terms of analysis of orchard performance. All pressing data is logged as well as ferment details and winery operations (racking, filtering etc). We have also processed a fair amount of cider into finished product over the last few weeks, and every aspect of this has this has been logged and the process has resulted in stock level information integrated with production. Invoices are posted from Insight directly to Xero and stock levels automatically adjusted. Excise returns take a fraction of the time. We have moved from a disaggregated combination of spreadsheets, PC based winery software and accounting software, to a truly integrated system. The fact that the software is Cloud based means that it is accessible in the cidery, office and on the road.
Jacqueline Tribe
5 out of 5 stars
We are an Australian wine producer and had been struggling with managing our inventory and WET in our existing accounting software. It was stressful and diverted our attention from other areas of our business that we should have been focusing on. We found Xero and Vinsight and after the transition from the old software was complete, I am happy to say that I find it easy to use. For the first time, we can easily manage our inventory from fruit to bulk to cases - in numerous locations - and that is such a relief! We can actually rely on the figures now. The integration through to Xero works seamlessly. It's actually fun 'doing the books' now - and that's something I never thought I would ever say - particularly as I don't have an accounting background! The Vinsight support team are friendly and patient and are quick to implement improvements or refinements. Happy to rate it 5 stars.
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