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Unlock core financial intelligence encoded within your company’s accounting data to improve financial health, cash flow and business decision making.

Funancial SMART® is a 24/7 business solution providing point-click access to core financial KPIs and analysis methodologies. Powered by SMART® proprietary algorithms, it helps transform accounting data into understandable financial models that help automate analysis and enable
- Prioritized debtor & creditor management
- Actionable guidance for informed decision making
- Company and Product line level profitability analysis
- Root cause investigation of profitability spikes and dips
- Cash Flow analysis with “what-if scenarios” simulation support
- Effectively discover what is working and what is not

Funancial SMART® is ideal for Business leaders, managers, CEOs, CIOs and CFOs seeking to streamline and build habits around financial data interpretation and decision making that delivers sustainable and profitable returns.

Funancial SMART® is also ideal for Service Providers seeking to:
- Operate their own book keeping services more efficiently
- Extend the value of their existing offerings through capabilities which simplify the way clients access and understand their financial data.

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Funancial + Xero

Funancial SMART® uses the accounting data contained within Xero to build effective financial models based on the organisation's most current financial data. Through its proprietary SMART® algorithms, it unlocks the financial intelligence encoded within the accounting data - enabling effective decision making which materially impacts the financial health, cash flow and sustainability of a business.

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