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No more receipt hunting! Easily manage purchases, expenses and card payments on one single platform & automate reconciliation with Spendesk & Xero.

Spendesk is the all-in-one spending platform that empowers finance teams to strike the right balance between company control and employee autonomy. With Spendesk, employees easily buy what they need while the finance team maintains control. Having one centralised place for employee expenses means more visibility, more automation and less time spent on tedious admin tasks.

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Spendesk + Xero

Payments auto sync: teammates make purchase with Spendesk and their payments are automatically synced into Xero.

Seamless reconciliation: receipts are pushed from Spendesk into Xero in one click. Bills are automatically reconciled with their corresponding transactions and expense account.

Bookkeeping made easy: tracking categories set up in Spendesk will be sent to Xero. VAT rates are also automatically extracted by Marvin, the Spendesk bot.

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