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Rhianna Harby
We absolutely love working with the RosterElf team. It's rare to find a team doing great things that actually want to work with your business to find custom solutions.
Indomain Admin
I have been using this for 12 months now and find it so easy and accurate.
Liszt Lo
Absolutely save time while processing payroll! Good for accountants, bookkeepers & business owners.
Derek Hall
I have been using RosterElf for several years and can't recommend it enough to people I know with casual employees.
Gianmarco Orgnoni
RosterElf has been awesome for our business. It is super simple to setup and use, and the amount of time and money I have saved has been surprising.
Beau Lester
Before I started using Roster Elf, I would spend hours each week preparing a roster, trying to recall who was available on what days, manually trying to budget what percentage of forecast turnover I would be spending on wages and even more hours keeping track of who worked overtime, started late etc. in preparation for payroll. All the while hating the process. I've been using Roster Elf for around 3 months now at the Health Freak Cafe in Scarborough, and everything that I mentioned above that used to take hours, now literally takes minutes each week. And I enjoy the process now. But best of all my percentage of wages to turnover has decreased by around 2.5%, saving me heaps. I highly recommend any business owner that wants to simplify rostering and payroll, save time and most of all save money by accurately budgeting your payroll, to start using Roster Elf. It will be the best decision you make in a while.
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