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3.45 out of 5 stars
A platform to manage a service or repair business with job tracking (ticketing) and an emphasis on great communication - making you love your day job.


With essentials like POS, CRM, ticketing, and integrated billing, plus powerful extras like built-in marketing and reporting tools, RepairShopr is the most complete repair shop business platform available.

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RepairShopr + Xero

With our Xero integration, Customers, Invoices, Payments and Purchase Orders you create in our software will automatically sync to Xero. With the setup, we also do a one-time import of all your Xero Customers and Inventory items.

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Bethany Bryan
3 out of 5 stars

Good, but slow to improvements

I have been using RepairShopr for a few months now. They have a lot of really useful features, like up-selling pop-ups on estimates and invoices and a built in calendar with great customer reminders. However, I am disappointed in a few features that would be easy to make better and their reluctancy to update these. For instance their purchase order process 💩 It could be so good and surpass everyone else in the industry with little work (I've tested them all) but they have had it on the que to do since 2015. Their product updates are about every 2 weeks but they are VERY minimal. Like changing a format of a template that I could have done myself. I know they get suggestions all the time (I know I send them a ton) but nothing ever happens and if it does its years in the making.
Kamal Naouri
5 out of 5 stars
We moved from a competitor that claimed to integrate into Xero to RepairShopr. The integration was seamless. We were able to move all our clients into RepairShopr in a few minutes. The invoice generated in RS is automatically created in Xero which makes bank reconciliation a breeze. The reconciled invoice is marked as paid in RS as well. It all just works. We tried this as a test first and it worked so well that it was a big point when we deciding to move to RS for good.
Chris Popperwell
4 out of 5 stars
I have been using Repair Shopr and Xero for over a year now and yes there are a few quirks but they are being addressed at every request. Overall i give it 85%-90% usefulness and would highly recommend it to others. It does take some setup and monitoring but so does anything this powerful. There are a l lot of things to cover and link to so 100% would be difficult but not out of the question. It takes time to setup and sync and as long as you are aware of the limitations it works really well. If you use each software package for it's strengths you'll be very happy.
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