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Predictive Credit Control. Save time, money and avoid bad-debt.

Do you want to know when your invoices will be paid, which of your invoices are at risk of not being paid and get alerts when customers are displaying signs of cashflow problems?

Get on top of your credit control game with NO effort, NO configuration, and NO learning curve!

Plug WOWinflow in to Xero to reveal insights previously hidden within your Accounts Receivable data presented to you in a simple and actionable format that can save you up to 75% of the time wasted collecting payments.

WOWinflow will focus your time on the most at-risk invoices and customers by giving you a prioritised list of invoices to chase and a watch list of customers who you need to keep an eye on regardless of whether they have paid you or not. And if you don’t like being a slave to an app then just wait for your Monday morning email containing your intelligent, critical credit control actions list for the week ahead.

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WOWinflow + Xero

WOWinflow doesn’t change anything in Xero. WOWinflow reads, learns and monitors all of your customers’ REAL payment patterns and uses machine learning to allow you to focus on what matters – the invoices and customers you need to act on NOW.

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