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CIN7 Omni

By Cin7
4.29 out of 5 stars
Cin7 Omni is a modern, cloud-based solution, focused on helping product sellers grow their business through over 700 integrations.


Cin7 Omni connects your products, sales channels, stock locations, orders, and more into one automated solution. Use Cin7 Omni to enhance customer satisfaction and scale omnichannel commerce operations, while providing your organization the visibility it needs to optimize in an easy-to-use environment.

CIN7 Omni
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CIN7 Omni + Xero

Cin7 Omni integrates directly with Xero to create the required accounting entries generated from your Sale and Purchase transactions. This integration accounts for Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Stock on Hand, Stock Adjustments, Additional Stock Costs, Payment Information and Taxes, amongst other things.

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Guillaume Kittel-Ouimet
Posted 2 Oct 2023
1 out of 5 stars

Keep away form it

We have been using Cin7 for multiple years at this point and we are looking for another solution to manage our inventory and light manufacturing jobs. Here are the reasons to stay away : 1. Can't provide an itemized list of stock items that the total sum matches what is reported in XERO. They report the stock value by making the sum of the Opening Balance - PO - COGS + Adjustments Methods. This would be ok, if we could have a list of what is reported, by that doesn't exist. There 'Historical Report' is on a Received / Dispatched Date Basis. While they report the Stock Value in Xero on invoice date basis. Thus creating discrepancies that are hard to reconcile. You have to figure what is 'in transit' 2. To easy to make mistakes. Hard to track where you made it. If a member of your staff receives a PO, but no invoice number is added or invoice date, the PO will be marked as received, but it won't show in your inventory. 3. When completing a job it may not process it correctly. It will either not use the proper values of used components for a production job, or user the quantity of components needed to assemble something, but will mark the number of items made to zero. Which is a nightmare to track, as the job will look like it has been processed correctly. 3. If you are using batch numbers like I do to track one of the processes, there is no way you can bulk assign batch numbers to the final assembly. You have to click units batch by batch. 4. Sales orders are not easy to complete either if you don't know you sku code by heart. There is no way to 'browse' for the product you are looking for. 5. No way to have titles for different variants of your products. 6. If you live in an area where you have to display state ( province ) and federal taxes, you're screwed. Most of the time the calculation is either not happening or wrong. 7. B2B portal is a joke 8. Won't batch fulfilled order FIFO. There 'Complete all' start from the top SO in the gris which is the latest SO. 9. Can't process Shopify line items discount coming from Shopify. So if you mix discounted taxable and with tax-exempt items in a sales order, it will handle it discount as taxable. Thus in my case, it generates a negative sales tax amount. 10. Support has gone down the drain. They do not answer in 24 hours, they answer months later usually sending you to a knowledge base article. They don't read your comment or explanation, or your indication that you have already read the knowledge base. When you reply to them that you read and did follow the KB they basically tell you that you have to figure it out by yourself and F*** Y**. 11. Their API documentation is incomplete, and all the parameters they list are not listed with the proper capitalization of letter. For example, it lists the parameter 'InvoiceDate' if you querying the API, you have to use 'invoiceDate'. If you're following the KB you might ask yourself for a while why the hell isn't it returning the parameters I want. 12. UI isn't intuitive at all for staff. 13. If you find an error in a transaction that happened more than 90 days ago, you can correct it, but it won't be considered. 13. Prices increase constantly and no real improvements to the software, or at least critical aspects are not addressed. So if you reach this point, stay away. If you care for your ledger to be clean an error free. Stay away ! If you don't want to spend to many hours doing manual corrections because they sucks, stay Away. STAY AWAY !
Glenn Plunkett
Posted 25 Jul 2023
1 out of 5 stars


After paying for the implementation and a couple of months services we do NOT have and never have had a working solution. The "customer service" is non-existent. We will never consider CIN 7 as a software supplier.
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Matt McQuaid
Posted 16 Mar 2023
1 out of 5 stars


CIN7 has an OK product but is completely let down by the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If my staff interacted with our customers the way CIN7's staff have done with me, their employment would be terminated! CIN7 has only delivered about 80% of what I was sold the software could do. CIN7 needs to start listening and engaging with its customers instead of being rude, dismissive and patronising towards them. I went with CIN7 to make doing business easier. CIN7 has been a spectacular failure!
7 people found this review helpful.

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