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Real-time, collaborative budget management and tracking.

Beyond is a real-time, collaborative budget management and tracking platform. It specialises in helping fast-moving businesses keep track of their finances, eliminate bureaucratic overheads and retain the agility of a start-up as they scale.

Beyond connects directly to Xero and use AI to automate away the traditional reconciliation pain points and bottlenecks. Personalised, activity-focused interfaces actively engage staff across the company in the budget management and forecasting process. These open a live view for managers to see what's actually happening inside the business and gives the finance function superpowers.

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Beyond + Xero

Beyond syncs regularly Xero, making sure budgets are always up-to-date with the latest actuals data. It allows complete control over which accounts to sync with and a powerful AI-driven rule engine to make sure items are always correctly assigned.

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Made by Beyond Labs
Added in 2019


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