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Nick Coombes
Awful so far. We're trying to get Tradeshift to work with Xero, sending invoices over, and can't get it working at all. Support is minimal too.
Jordan Zoot
Brilliant app
Greg Jarrett
The 2 winning features of Workato for me were 1. The ability to query for existing records in Salesforce (based on parameters in Xero) before updating/inserting records, and 2. The ability to apply transformations/formatting to the data during the process of sending it from Xero to Salesforce, e.g. re-format dates from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY format because my two systems weren't setup to have the same format. Very powerful.
Michelle Perkins
I'm very happy with this app - the customer service team were really responsive and very patient helping me learn how to build my recipes to transfer info from Infusionsoft to Xero to keep both in sync. Really worth the investment in time - now there's no more data entry (hurrah!)
Ben Collins
A brilliant app that builds my Salesforce database from my Xero data and keeps it in sync... pure genius and makes re-marketing a breeze.
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