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Paul Farquhar
Posted 4 Jun 2021
5 out of 5 stars

This software saves us a fortune

1 person plus Satago collects 100% of monies due. Satago does the regular email reminders which get very blunt eventually. When a human has to take over we log all contacts through Satago. If we hit 60 days we use the log and evidence of satago emails to submit a claim through UK government debt collection portal. Only had to do this three times as a last resort but the satago log ensures we get paid on average within an hour (yes I said an hour) of this final stage. Thank you Satago, you are a valued member of our team
Kriss Ombler
Posted 28 Jul 2020
5 out of 5 stars
We implemented Satago at the same time we transferred over to Xero a month ago. It has proved a great Credit Control programme and we have seen the benefits already. It is a seamless system to reduce aged debtors and completes personalised automated processes with ease.
Mark Hurren
Posted 19 Sep 2018
2 out of 5 stars
I purely was looking to engage with Satago for spot invoicing I don't really see what it offers outside of Xero for the other automation, reminders etc though I have to say I haven't used it for this purpose so cannot comment. Spot invoicing was in general painful I have finally given up and I'm looking to close my account, even that isn't a straightforward affair on the platform.
Matt Hudson
Posted 24 Aug 2017
5 out of 5 stars
I've just tried to link my Xero accounts with Satago. I have two small businesses and have connected the business name in Satago with the incorrect business in Xero (so business 1 has synced with Xero business 2). Is there an easy way to remedy this? Aside from that, this looks like a great system. Cheers!
Yvan Seth
Posted 29 Mar 2017
Just tried signing up to this. Sounds so awesome. Unfortunately seems to be a bit flakey... and further research implies they may be in trouble? Companies house says they're in administration. (Edit: Thanks for the update Steven... combination of the technical issues and the companies house status had me speculating. I shall try again later.)

Response from Satago

Hi Yvan, We are having some technical problems today due to a database upgrade. Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly - apologies for the inconvenience - we know this is delaying Xero imports. As for Satago - we are not in any trouble. We were recently acquired by Oxygen Finance: The original Satago company was put in to Administration - Satago is now Satago Solutions Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxygen:
Brodee James
Posted 15 Feb 2017
This program is fantastic! I love this product and would recommend to anyone looking for an efficient and straightforward debt recovery program. My favourite feature is the seven days prior reminder.
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