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Extracts all the data from your receipts in real-time. Categorizes and pushes them into your Xero Purchases, Bank Transactions or Expense Claims.

Veryfi is the world's fastest and secure application to extract and categorize data from receipts, bills and invoices. Each clean and precise transaction is then sent to Xero with source documents attached.

Your clients use our 5-star mobile app to securely snap pictures of receipts, bills and invoices, or forward digital documents to a personalized @veryfi email address. In seconds, those documents are processed, and you now have access to their tax file cabinet and rich reports. It's that easy.

Furthermore, Veryfi is built with data-privacy and security at the core. Veryfi is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant. Veryfi is an intelligent vault you can trust to store and automate your client's bookkeeping needs.

In the time it took you to read this, Veryfi would have processed 3 documents. Say no to "delayed processing" (offshore data extraction teams) and say Hello to Veryfi. Your documents are ready.

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Veryfi + Xero


Snap a photo of a receipt and your done. 3 seconds later a wealth of data has been extracted and tax coded inside Veryfi. No polling or waiting. Try it yourself and see how easy and crazy fast this is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLaNoSaEdz8


Within few minutes, automatically (or with your permission) Veryfi sends all this rich data it had extracted to Xero to update Purchase Ledger, Bank Transactions or Expense Claims. Reconciliation will feel like a breath of fresh Alpine air.

Bonus: Fetch bills securely with Veryfi

There are many ways to collect receipts and even fetch bills with Veryfi. Every Veryfi user is assigned their very own ___@veryfi.cc email address which can be used as a collection bucket for your service provider digital bills. When setup, you will see all those bills inside Veryfi mobile and web app followed by Xero. No need to give away any logins to your services. This is a safe option for bill fetching today. More on that here

Sync between Verfyfi and Xero in more detail

From Xero -> to Veryfi:

Accounts, taxes, customers, employees, tracking categories

From Veryfi -> to Xero

Expense Claims with Receipts, Purchases, Bank Transactions

Xero <-> Veryfi


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Added in 2014


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