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Hyper Anna

AI-powered insights on your P&L data in 60 seconds. Hyper Anna finds changes, patterns and anomalies in your business and tells you why they happened.

We’re on a mission to help millions of businesses around the world make data-driven decisions every day. Our AI-insights platform enables you to analyse company data to get straight to the ‘why’ when you need it.

For small businesses, while it’s easy to build high-level financial reports, it's often very difficult and time-consuming to find deep insights and key business drivers. With Hyper Anna, there's no set-up or preparation work, insights are generated in 60 seconds.

Hyper Anna uses AI to enable Finance and Business leaders from Accounting Practices and Small Businesses to access to pro-actively generated insights about their P&L metrics.

For Owners and Finance teams, Hyper Anna enables you to instantly track and deeply understand your business performance. Never miss an operational issue or business opportunity.

For Accounting Firms, Hyper Anna enables to use deep insights to build a trusted advisor relationship with your clients and generate more revenue.

By simply connecting to your Xero account with no setup, Hyper Anna automatically allows to:

  • See changes in your business and understand why they happened.
  • Explain the causes of change for your revenue, costs, and profit.
  • Automatically get alerted of unexpected changes and anomalies in your data.
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Hyper Anna + Xero

Hyper Anna allows connecting your Xero P&L data in 60 seconds. It doesn't require any setup, Hyper Anna's AI understands the specificities of your Xero account: tracking categories, custom layout, chart of accounts etc

Hyper Anna then automatically starts looking for all the important changes within your business, looking at revenue, direct costs, EBITDA etc

For example, Hyperanna can find that "Profit is 6% higher this quarter. This is mainly because your Subscription Revenue increased by 9% and your Overheads decreased by 12%"

Hyperanna also picks anomalies, like "Office Expenses were unexpectedly high last month, and the main reason is spending 50% more on Furniture"

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