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Deborah Hopwood MAAT
1 out of 5 stars

What am I missing?

I cannot get the VAT to sync over from orders correctly. They either come in with 20% vat and it adjusts to move it, or comes in with NO VAT and adjusts to put vat in. It doesn't label anything zero rated vat and has screwed up my VAT returns
Oliver Nicholas
5 out of 5 stars
We have been using Veeqo for over a year and a half, the integration is effortless and the system has streamlined our order processing business no end. There are very rarely issues and it integrates with our Amazon seller account, our website, Xero and Royal Mail..what more could you want! Much appreciated and we wish Veeqo further success for the future.
Judith S
5 out of 5 stars
We have been using Veeqo for over eighteen months and seen it develop into the product it now is. For a business like ours, that relies on efficient order processing and fast dispatch to customers, we needed a multi-channel integrator so that we could easily manage our operations from a single place. Veeqo allows us to collate orders from our own e-commerce site, a number of Amazon sites and Ebay. We can see and process orders by channel or we can process sequentially. The majority of our orders are dispatched via Royal Mail and the Veeqo Royal Mail interface provides all the options we need to manage our dispatch process. We have also linked Veeqo and Xero in order to collect accounting information. Overall, the most encouraging factor is the reliability of the product. For a business like ours we need something that we can trust and that will be available when we need it. Veeqo provides us with that level of reliability.
Keith Conkey
5 out of 5 stars
We have been using Veeqo for around 2 years now. In that time we have seen some fantastic updates and integrations. Support has always been quick to respond and the team are extremely open to ideas to improve the platform or tweaks to make our processes quicker. We have tried many other apps to integrate into our business and Veeqo is most definitely the most intuitive to use. They just get eCommerce and running a business. From inbuilt stock take feature to purchase orders and shipping integrations that are directly integrated. This app has saved us so much time in our business on a daily basis, dealing with orders and returns and even manual phone orders. If you sell on multiple sites this is the app to get, heck if you run an eCommerce business this is the app to get.
Ben England
5 out of 5 stars
Before Veeqo we did everything manually - everything and took ages. We started using Veeqo and save on average about 60-90 minutes every day. It is great to find a system that can grow with our company. We are able to better keep track of stock, manage orders, integrate postage labels with invoices meaning that we have less paper to deal with and it then links with Xero where we can approve and post the invoices - a perfect combination
Barbara Brew
5 out of 5 stars
integrates well with woocommerce and ebay and then feeds through into xero at the click of a button. I use it to ship goods but tend not to use the print label facility as we have a franking machine and for some reason it doesn't seem to pick up our shipping options for interlinkexpress. Great for actually keeping accurate stock levels and saves the worry of one outlet selling something that another outlet has already sold.
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