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Stacey Morrison
5 out of 5 stars
Etz has been a great solution for our business, prior to the implementation of the system we were using old school methods of paper timesheets that we keyed in manually. Using Etz has streamlined our processes and the system is so easy to use. The integration with our CRM and Accounting packages was seamless. We did look at other solutions for our business, however Etz was the front runner. The service from the company has also been exceptional mirroring our company values and customer service, both Aaron and James have always made themselves available to assist us throughout both the implementation of the system and on an ongoing basis. We are informed regularly of improvements they are making to the system to make it even smarter and are encouraged to attend webinar training and one on one phone training to suit our company needs and requirements. If you are looking for a simple yet effective time sheeting and invoice solution I would recommend Etz to you.
Adrian Belle
5 out of 5 stars
When seeking an online e-timesheet solution for Belle & Kerr, my requirements were threefold. I was seeking a solution that fed into Xero, was easy to use from client, candidate and administration perspective and was ultimately cost effective. After a frustrating search speaking and meeting with a number of solution providers, I was really impressed when I met with ETZ. From my initial meeting with Aaron he quickly demonstrated the capability of the technology and straight away I knew I was speaking to the right partner. Since that meeting and implementing ETZ, my experience with the product and services has been outstanding; the solution is first class! Additionally the level of customer support from Aaron and James is above and beyond. Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend ETZ as a product to streamline any recruitment agencies operations!
Brett Bedwell
5 out of 5 stars
After our initital consultation with Aaron and James at ETZ it was an extremely easy decision to make to use ETZ as our online timesheet solution. We were very impressed at not only what ETZ could offer our business, but also at how easy it was to set up. The level of support Aaron and James offer is outstanding, they're always happy to resolve any issues and help with our technical queries. ETZ's capability of syncing to our other cloud based products we use, Xero and Keypay, has made the task of procesing timesheets, exporting invoices and payroll to Xero and Keypay as simple as a few clicks of a button. What's just as important to us is how impressed our contractors and clients are with the portal. It has definitley streamlined the whole timesheet/payroll/invoicing process for all parties involved. We are confident in saying that ETZ's impressive timesheet solution has played a part in acquiring new business, hence highly recommending their product and services to any business wanting to experience the same success we have by using ETZ.
Maranda McLaren
5 out of 5 stars
When Illume started to look for a time-sheeting solution, we were committed to finding one that was simple to use, looked great, saved us time and had the capability to support us as our business grew and expanded into other areas. Selecting etz was easy. It met all of our requirements, and more, and the feedback we have received from our customers and consultants has been phenomenal. It’s helped us look professional and easy to work with. Which is exactly what we wanted. From a processing point of view, invoicing our customers is as simple as clicking a button – literally. And tracking the business and paying our people is seamless with etz's integration with Xero. In fact, having worked with enterprise ERP systems before, etz and Xero together behave more like an integrated system that some of these products! The service we have received pre and post-sale from etz has been amazing. The team are proactive, know their product inside and out and are genuinely interested in Illume being successful. There is no doubt we are saving time, making more money and, more importantly, creating more market advocacy with having selected etz.
Steve Scanlan
5 out of 5 stars
With the intent to move our financial systems and timesheeting solutions in-house instead of relying upon an third party supplier, I came across ETZ after thorough research. At the beginning of 2015, I implemented ETZ into my company Recon Solutions. From before our 'go live' date to today, Aaron and James has provided a service that is hard to scrutinize. I selected ETZ due to their syncing ability with XERO, who Recon Solutions already used and the ease of use on both the admin and user side. The decision to implement ETZ into the business has remained positive, and it has delivered on all its warrants and more. I would recommend ETZ solutions to all businesses who are seeking a professional and friendly service and easy to manage system.
Andrew Skyrme
5 out of 5 stars
Your Resourcing set up over 13 months ago. We searched for 9 months looking for a suitable solution for us, being fairly heavy on the construction temp market and labour hire, it was important that the solution could handle different awards and employment agreements. This is made easy with ETZ because you have the freedom to set your own up and gives you the flexibility that sometimes is required within the labour market. We had discussions with some local solutions but they feel well short of professionalism and customer service and at the first point of contact with etz it was clear that we where dealing with a professional and highly effective team and product and this hasn’t changed. We have been using the product now for over 4 months and it has been everything that we where promised and more. I would highly recommend the team in Australia with James and Aaron being professional and always willing to help.
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