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ConnectWise by Wise-Sync

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Bryan Hall
5 out of 5 stars
Wise-Sync is a great company, support and very responsive. Paul MacNeill personally has been fantastic with our implementation and subsequent support when needed.
Lisa O'Callaghan
5 out of 5 stars
We have used Wise-Sync and have found them to exceed our expectations on every contact. Their team go above and beyond to ensure they are providing their information in a way that is comprehensive and very easy to follow. I would highly recommend their interface with ConnectWise to Xero and their team for implementing this. Paul, Nemia & Bec - great job and thanks so much!!
Damian Ball
5 out of 5 stars
Great Product, great support that fills a real gap in linking Xero with Connectwise. Paul, the owner of the company helped me out of a bind late at night on a Saturday, and I'm very grateful!
Graeme Ison
5 out of 5 stars
Wise-Sync as a company and Paul MacNeill personally have been fantastic with our implementation and subsequent support (fortunately not often required!). I am no expert with the accounting side of ConnectWise, so their assistance with setup and getting everything mapped over correctly was excellent, and got us up and running in short order. Occasional challenges with product categorisation and GL Account mapping have cropped up since and the support has been fast and got the issue resolved. In short, you could not ask for anything more from a supplier!
Phillip Paradiso
5 out of 5 stars
After changing my entire accounting platform of MYOB Premier and MYOB Retail Manager to Xero and ConnectWise - Xero was great but I needed something to talk to ConnectWise. I found a couple of "popular" options but Wise-Sync caught my eye with more features and local support. Documentation on the site was excellent, so I managed to do most of the pre-setup myself. After that, I asked Paul to fix my mistakes (yeah, did a couple but he said it was pretty good still), and overnight it was done and ready the next morning. He spent the time to explain what he did, and stepped me through the process. He also explained the ConnectWise "gotcha's" - which was definitely needed - there are a few! Now ConnectWise and Xero are talking like old mates - and the odd sync error (all my mistakes from being new with ConnectWise) are fixed easily by following the documentation / knowledgebase. Paul from Wise-Sync is obviously in touch with the best way to do things, and I can't recommend him enough for anyone who needs Xero and ConnectWise to play nice. It works and works well.. Also happy to receive email directly from anyone who has questions - paradise74@internode.on.net
Ben Steel
5 out of 5 stars
After making the move to connect wise 5 months ago, and using MYOB as our accounting package, we had been in the process of double entering all invoices from Connect wise whilst we decided upon an appropriate sync tool. We had trialed a few products on the market for sync into MYOB and did not feel comfortable with the level of flexibility/complexity. Given that our transition was close to the end of financial year we decided to shift to Xero for our Accounting, which then opened the door to a few additional products compatible with CW. After the experience we had with the MYOB sync tool, it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Paul and the team at WISE Sync. From the moment I registered, the team were attentive and helpful with the entire process. Being time poor, which I am sure most people can relate to in this industry, I asked the Wise Sync team for assistance with the setup – this was the best decision we could have made. Paul made a time with me to discuss our particular situation: • A few months’ worth of data prior to June 30 in Connect wise to come across into Xero • Outstanding invoices in MYOB prior to CW roll over to come into Xero • Basic training on setup • Configuration of accounting table setup in CW required Paul tackled each of these tasks with precision and understanding of our situation. The sync tool setup documentation is thorough and easy to follow for those that want to undertake the setup themselves. It has been such a pleasure dealing with the team, and I could not recommend them highly enough. Our billing system has become such a pleasure given that from batch emailing our invoices to sending statements in Xero – everything is a breeze. If you are using CW, and have not spoken to these guys about your billing platform, you need to now! I am happy to speak directly to anyone that is after a one to one regarding our particular migration on bensteel@gmail.com
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