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Tim Hand

Clean account transactions reports please.

The app works well and has some useful reports and functionality. However. The key report for most users is a clean transactional nominal account report, as per the built in Xero account transactions report. From there you can automate most reports with functions and macros. Datadear can't produce this without a lot of duplicate transactions. So in spite of it being generally well designed I can't give it more than 2 stars.
Lynda Stott

DataDear service

I have found Datadear a pleasure to deal with. The add in went from my tool bar and DataDear did all they can to get it working again. Soli service and integration is seamless to Xero.
Tim Wright
This is hands down the best excel add-in and Xero app I have ever used. Datadear's excel add-in has enabled me to easily create automated reporting templates, that are updated by opening an excel template and simply logging into the add-in, this has saved $$$ in admin time to create monthly management accounts. It really shows that datadear have invested a lot of time into creating clean and easy to manipulate tables of data, I've been able to easily create pivot tables without the need to transform the data first. And with the latest version of Excel, I can now create beautiful rich data types all by using the datadear reports. Not only is their excel add-in a beast, but they are also a seriously awesome company to work with, on and off I have worked with Carl for around 2 years now, he really understands the information that small business owners and accountants alike need to get out of Xero, and goes beyond to try and help you figure out a solution to a problem. Oh, and it's extremely cost-effective as well! Kepp up the good work guys!
Jason Miller
We'd spent around 6 months looking at different options for consolidating reports out of multiple Xero entities. All the ones we found were too rigid, and didn't give us enough flexibility for tailored reporting, until we came across DataDear. Pulling all the data back to excel now gives us the scope to do this, and at affordable prices We've managed to create some quite brilliant MI out of it! The journal tool is also sooooooo helpful Thanks DataDear
Stewart Martin
An excellent App for linking Xero data straight into Excel. Simply open up the Excel file with the link and refresh the page to update tables / reports etc in Excel. Build great management reporting packs with graphs and stats using the power of Excel and the ease of DataDear link. Saves hours of manually posting and allows me to produce tailored reports for my clients. Also set up recurring prepayments and accruals spreadsheets in Excel and post straight back into Xero as draft journals for approving. Helps keep track of monthly adjustments and simplify the posting of these in Xero from Excel.
Dave Sellick
🌟The best tool on the market for automating data flows from Xero into Excel 🌟 💡If you're doing management/board reporting (particularly where you're consolidating multiple Xero entities) in Excel, which is still the superior way to produce bespoke management reports 📊📈, or use Xero data in Excel for any other means (e.g. working papers), then Datadear is the way forward 🚀💯 🤘🏼 Great support and the team are constantly looking for ways to better the product 💪🏼 ❗ With recent updates in Excel that are cementing it on the scene as a finance tool that STILL simply cannot be ignored, Datadear remains one of the most important 👍🏼 apps in my tech stack 🤖
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