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Shaun Cheng
The Waddle facility and solution was great and very easy to use. The integration with Xero was seamless and up to date. The team especially Kent and Simon was very helpful and responsive. We never had issues with drawing down funds, and if there ever was a problem, Waddle was ready and easily on hand to settle the concerns. Whilst we are no longer with Waddle (due to our internal reasons), i recommend Waddle to any business who are after a hassle free, integrated solution. The Waddle team are also very commercial and are generally interested in helping your business.
Jon Fitzgerald
We have used Waddle for 24 Months, all I can say is the team at Waddle have all been outstanding, their rates, fees and charges cannot be beaten. We moved from Bank overdraft to Waddle and saved over $20,000.00 in interest and fees. I would highly recommend Waddle to any company needing cash flow finance. Thank you to Kent and the team at Waddle for a pleasurable two years of business.
David Wearne
Highly recommended form of debtor finance with an innovative platform - their team are very approachable and realistic
Jane Howarth
Best product available on the market! Best integration with Xero as well. No fuss, no mess, no confusion. This is a tool for your business to help eleviate the pressures on cashflow and promote growth. A++++++ Cant recommend it highly enough.
Brett Monaghan
We have been using Waddle for about 18 months. Access to our invoice funds right away. Awesome. Great service, super simple and amazing peolpe to talk too. Whenever I pick up the phone I chat to a real person. Without their support we would not have grown as quickly as we have. Well done waddle! I looked at a lot of alternative funding streams. Waddle came out on top then and now. Brett Eclipse Organics Organic Muesli, Bars and Health Foods
Renee Newlan
We have been using Waddle for a year now. It is very user friendly, exceptional staff and support. Would highly recommend Waddle to everyone.
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