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Lucy Lu

Great consolidation platform

Fathom is easy to use, simple navigation and reports look pretty. Save 50% of time on consolidation and reduce risk of errors from complex excel consolidations. Investing time for a proper set up is the key. Get to understand what Fathom can do or cannot do. You will then see the benefits and the result is quite rewarding. Friendly staff (they are contactable!!) and a heaps of useful instructions on Fathom website to guide you through the process. It’s value for money!
Sean Trengrove

Great Tool

We have only just started using Fathom but have been impressed with the options available, the ability to create bespoke reports and great support in terms of webinars providing deeper insight into the tools available
Trent Wolff

Amazing tool with VERY helpful staff

We have just started using Fathom for our business and we are really enjoying it. Shivani Chheda helped onboard us and she has been superb, answering to every query we have in a timeous, friendly manner.
Daniel Vigario

Amazing Reporting APP - for SME's

Fathom is a close as one is going to get to Bespoke EXCEL reporting. It is an incredible tool. The help desk is also amazing and all the learning material is brilliant. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app for SME's. Dan CFO
Ivan Harding

Fathom + Xero = 5 Star

We are a SaaS business and Fathom has transformed our financial reporting coming out of Xero. Their new forecasting tool is remarkable, very flexible and easy to use. Special mention to the Fathom customer support team which are outstanding, perhaps the best support team I've encountered in 20 years working in Tech. Much better than Xero Support, dare I say....
Ceri Cook


Fathom has been very beneficial to many clients and the online support has been outstanding from the team.
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