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Carl Bailey
Its basically a cloud based data base for your HR files. This gives employees 24/7 access to their HR files without assigning them rights to your IT system. It has some useful templates. Its up to you to upload the latest awards and rates. It can assist small businesses to run their own HR. It does put everything in the one place for HR and it's easier to manage than multiple files on you computer system (but we are currently using both, uploading computer files to enable HR). To say it integrates with Xero is misleading. You can import you employee name and addresses from Xero and that's about it. There is no other integration....... unless I'm missing something. I am happy for others to point it out.
Annette White
We implemented enableHR into our accounting firm. We are delighted at how easy it is to use and successfully updated our existing documents to be fully compliant. The best feature is the access to immediate and up to date information directly regarding Awards, rates and Fair Work Commission. The step by step prompting for each procedure ensures that you have covered all necessary reporting and documents.
Gillian Rossouw
Truly one of the "must have's" if you are a trusted advisor to your clients. By using enableHR to collaborate and ensure "best practice" in HR & WHS no matter the size of their organisation, will ensure peace of mind. With top gun support 24/7 and up to the minute documents, procedures, templates readily available.
Laela Hansen
Enable HR has been fantastic.
Mark Said
Xero and enableHR - a match made in heaven. We are very proud to be associated with both these companies and are equally as proud that they are associated with our clients. The enableHR team work closesly with us and our clients to ensure that we all share in the amazing experience of beautiful software
Practice Administrator
Love that both enableHR and Xero can be used anywhere, anytime, anyplace so we can work "on" the business wherever we are.
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