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Jack Turner
I installed BigCommerce and set up an account specifically to sell on Amazon as advertised on their website. After spending 2 hours setting everything up, when it came to the Amazon integration, it was missing. Turns out that their Amazon integration only supports Amazon.com and not Amazon.co.uk.
The integration between BC and Xero works well. Here a few suggestions for improvements that would certainly benefit our business (and hopefully others). 1. Information in the order comments box is not passed from BC to Xero. We often include details such as PO numbers or delivery dates in the order comments. If we then choose to send the invoice to the customer via Xero this information has to be re-entered manually. 2. We are unable to set a default due date. We offer net 14 day account terms, the default due date applied to invoices imported from Big Commerce is the same as the order date. 3. Formatting of the item description in Xero could be improved. Each product attribute/customization of an item has should be listed on a new line to improve readability. 4. Free Shipping is not imported from BC to Xero. If we offer free shipping ($0.00) this line item is not imported in the Xero as part of the invoice. This does not affect the total price of the invoice, but the matter of shipping cost is left ambiguous as a result. 5. The importing of billing and shipping address, isn't great. If the billing and shipping addresses are different, the billing name and shipping address get combined and the resulting detail on the Xero invoices are incorrect. It would make sense for xero to accept the billing address details only. Anyway, these are just some suggestions. These are things that are holding us back from using Xero as the exclusive medium for sending invoices to our B2B customers. Keep up the good work!
Brittany H
Hey team - this page is purely for the review of Big Commerce. If you'd like more specific help on the integration please do reach out to their team (https://support.bigcommerce.com/). Cheers
Hrisanthi Sfetcopoulos
Can someone please help us with settingup our xero account with bigcommerce?
Wayne Thompson
This is likely a late post, we have a ton of options available for BigCommerce users ranging from integration to POS such as Vend, or Inventory Management systems such as TradeGecko. We have an ecosystem of integrations built around these solutions.
Jason Lewis
Hi, I've been trying to get the integration going and failed. Are you still using it? is it still working for you?
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