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Aider is the digital assistant for smarter business.

Connecting to the apps small businesses owners use, the Aider mobile app delivers easy access to answers, all from one place. App connections include: point of sale, accounting, ecommerce, payroll, rostering, online calendar, social media, and analytics

Ask Aider hundreds of questions by typing, voice-to-text or speaking through a voice assistant.

Aider can answer hundreds of your business questions, including:

  • “How much revenue did I make this week?”
  • “What do my sales look like next week?”
  • “Who showed up for work today?”
  • “How many Uber Eats sales have I made this month?”
  • “What were my top selling products today?”

Constantly learning and growing its knowledge base, Aider can also schedule notifications, put reminders in your calendar, and will deliver trends analysis and benchmarking.

Aider also provides “built in” connections to weather, events and news apps.

Explore all features of Aider

Aider + Xero

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate, easy access all of your information in one place, from wherever you are
  • Make fast, data-led decisions
  • Take actions directly from Aider to improve your business
  • Growing list of business and built-in app connections
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