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Job management and invoicing software for tradespeople. Receive jobs from leading Australian property management agencies and manage your workflow.

OurTradie allows tradespeople to tap into jobs from the property management industry, linking property managers, landlords, tenants and tradies in a cohesive online ecosystem. Boost your bottom line and take control of your workday with a cloud-based web portal and app that makes job management and invoicing a breeze.

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OurTradie + Xero

OurTradie works with Xero by exchanging invoicing data between the two systems, meaning less manual entry and a streamlined invoicing process for all your interactions with property management agencies running OurProperty software. Take advantage of OurTradie's scheduling, communication and on-the-job invoicing features while keeping your accounts up to date through the integration with Xero. Pull in a Xero invoice to issue it to customers and queue your job for payment in a real estate agency's trust system. Get paid for your work quicker and easier!

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