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Nifty Grants

Nifty Grants by PwC makes accessing government incentives simple. Confirm eligibility and claim online for the R&D Tax Incentive, Export Market Development Grant, and more.

Many small businesses miss out on federal government grants and incentives they’re entitled to. Discovering what is available, determining eligibility and undertaking the application or claim process can seem like a tedious and difficult task.

PwC’s Nifty Grants is a secure, cloud based platform that takes the stress and time out of applying for and complying with programs such as the R&D Tax Incentive, the Export Market Development Grant and obtaining an ATO private ruling to verify your Early Stage Innovation

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Nifty Grants + Xero

Gone are the days of export, download, import. Your grant and incentive applications can be made even more simple using our integration with Xero.

Connect your Nifty Grants account with your Xero account in just seconds and your financial statements will be available to import at the click of a button.

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