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Edward Fyvie
Tidy Stock has just released batch numbering and product expiry dates, particularly useful for the food, medical and any industry with limited shelf life product. Traceability back from the customer through manufacturing back to suppliers is now possible, so complying with the statutory traceability principle of "One step forward, one step back" visibility.
Rachael Hooper
Have used Tidy since May 2018. We were new to Xero and Tidy. The initial set up was quite a bit of work but since then it has worked extremely well. The Custom pricing function is a key function for our business, Tidy does this well. A couple of tweaks would be helpful, such as having the same Sale number in Tidy that then becomes the Xero invoice number automatically. Happy to recommend.
Craig MacRae
Tidy has made our stock management far easier and more transparent, and all the tracking of items allows us to better identify customer and product trends.
Linda Patterson
We have been using Tidystock for a couple of months now. While I found the initial set up support somewhat confusing, now that we are up & running we are really enjoying using it. Tidystock is saving us a lot of time and the technical support is really good. We are particularly finding useful the multiple locations and low stock levels facilities. We didn't want a system that was too complicated but it needed to have a lot more features than Xero inventory, and so far Tidystock is working very well for us!
Kiara Cosmetics
We are a small business and tidystock has been so valuable to manage stock. What I really like is the simple interface, it is so easy to teach new staff members. Kathy + the chat team are always helpful. The only downfall is that it does not integrate with our shopify store (I believe they are working on this and a shopify intergration should be out soon) which will then make it a 5 star stock management system :)
Justin Yong
great and very straight forward. good support, hope to see tidystock develop a mobile apps :)
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