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The Slide App combines your Xero and banking data, taking the guesswork out your cashflow and giving you control over your future bank balance. Today.

Running out of cash is the worst thing that could happen to a small business. But it happens – more often than it should. Cash can be difficult to manage as banks and bookkeepers only tell you what has happened in the past, not what you need to know for the future.

That’s why we created Slide – a banking app which gives you a complete view of your past and future financial activity, taking the guesswork out of your cash flow and putting you in control of your cash position. Slide left for the past, slide right for the future.

Tap to pay or Slide to delay. No more guesses.

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Slide + Xero

Slide seamlessly integrates your Xero and your banking data, showing your past, current and future bank balance, taking the guesswork out of your cash flow and giving you control over when to pay and when you get paid.

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Made by Kevin Stewart
Added in 2018


Australia, United Kingdom




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