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Client records checking and correction software for accountants. Automatically reviews Xero data and reports on issues.

Checkmybooks is a cloud application designed for accountants and bookkeepers. We collect data from Sage, QuickBooks and Xero and automatically analyze every transaction in order to highlight review areas worth investigating. Drill into transactions from within Checkmybooks and make adjustments to correct them. Get year-end jobs done quicker and more efficiently in order to be more profitable.

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Checkmybooks + Xero

The Checkmybooks integration with Xero makes it easy to collect your client's Xero data for you. Once all the review points are dealt with, and any adjustments are made, the integration also allows us to send those changes to the chart of accounts and the year-end adjustments back to the client's Xero. There's no need to waste time duplicating manual data entries in multiple systems.

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Added in 2013


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