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The Gap
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Peter Harris
The GAP is the future of accounting. The GAP has enabled us to improve our clients businesses and lives through structured business development offerings. We love using it and our clients love it to. It is a fully systematized process from marketing of business development services to delivery and review. A great product and great people in behind it to assist every step of they way. 5 stars all day.
Karen Woller
As a foundation member and sole practitioner, I left The Gap a couple of years ago as I was finding that it was hard to use the product on a day to day basis. This month I found myself in the position of having a number of business development projects to deliver under tight timeframes and thought that I would see if The Gap had progressed with the product so I signed up for another trial. I was blown away by how far the product had come. The new portal is absolutely fantastic and makes the delivery of business development services a seamless experience for clients and an effortless experience for me. Congratulations guys on moving this product to a place where it should be an integral part of every accountant's business.
Simonne Liley
Frankly, I see subscribing to The GAP is a no brainer for any accounting firm that wants to truly support their clients and diversify their own revenue streams in the process. I came across The GAP two or three years ago and became a member. I was immediately aware of how effective and relevant for the industry the tools and support being offered were. Having not just an accounting, but also teaching background I was impressed with the quality of the resources and the ease with which these can be implemented for those who may not immediately feel comfortable stepping into this space. No slouches either, the content, support and development just get better and better. Example in point, the introduction of the new portal has streamlined a significant amount of the process and new bridges are being development regularly. I am definitely a fan of The GAP!
Nick Kay
The Gap is perfect for forward thinking firms looking to provide more value to their clients whilst practising what they preach to improve their own firms. Ready to go, out of the box, start delivering the services your clients need straight away!
Mark Greer
I have been using The Gap portal and content for the last 3 years. The systematization of the content has changed my life. Our business is now far more streamlined and our clients are loving the way we work. We are adding huge value to our clients and we know it because they are referring 5 new leads to us per week. A big thanks to the team at The Gap for helping us continue to improve and get better at delivering business development services. Cheers. Mark Greer - CEO - Bizdom
Nathan Maisey
MHCo have been members of the GAP since October 2016. In that time we have gained a massive amount of traction in the value add business development space with our existing clients and in some cases new (non-tax) clients. We put majority of this traction down to the value provided by the GAP - Its simple, template driven business development offerings; mindset resources and CPD approved training days have made what seemed like a daunting task at the beginning a now well oiled and scale-able BD machine for our business. The support we get from the GAP team is very very good, they are continually building on what current content they have; tweaking existing offerings as well as adding new content. A++ they have been a great partner to our business and a big part of our growth strategy.
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