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Smart Workpapers

Connect your Xero file seamlessly to our excel Smart Workpapers. Integrate the Xero trial balance, add workpapers and automate reconciliations.

Smart Suite’s comprehensive set of Smart Workpapers improve the accuracy and consistency of your data, saving preparation time and reducing review time by senior accountants.
Smart Workpapers are the industry gold standard for risk minimisation. Updated by a team of qualified CAs and CPAs as soon as legislative changes happen, they give you the peace of mind you’re working with 100% compliant tools at all times.
Trusted by over 10,000 Australian accountants. Clients who use them have reported 60% reduced review times and an overall reduction of rework by 35%.

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Smart Workpapers + Xero

Connect your Xero file seamlessly to our Excel workpapers. Integrate the Xero trial balance directly into your workpapers index then add workpapers, automate reconciliations and monitor progress.

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