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Take guesswork out of scheduling. We show you where shifts need to be adjusted for staff levels to meet demand, hit budgets and provide optimal customer service

Our advanced labour optimisation functionality takes guesswork out of scheduling. Intuitive scheduling shows managers where shifts need to be adjusted to ensure staff levels meet demand. Track KPIs so managers can balance labour % with any metric to provide optimal customer service, & hit budgets.

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Adi Insights + Xero

The Adi Insights integration with Xero eliminates data entry errors from payroll by enabling in-browser syncing of staff details to & from Xero, as well as automated export of hours worked into your Xero payruns. Our Wage Rule Engine automatically calculates hours worked, penalties, allowances and overtimes. Export hours worked by award conditions (eg Saturday, Sunday, overtime etc.) into Xero timesheets. Link wage conditions to your existing earnings rates & pay items in Xero. This means we can work with your existing setup without many changes. The integration eliminates 85% of the time spent doing payroll tasks.

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