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Pinch Payments
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Raquel Jandu

Amounts larger than 20k likely to be rejected

I specifically setup with Pinch to encourage my customers to pay sooner. When I finally received a payment of a large number of invoices the Pinch service decided to hold the funds in review due to the “nature of the transactions” - eventually the funds were all refunded to the customer. This has caused me unnecessary headaches.
David Burkett

Time and $ Saver

We've been using Pinch for accounts with recurring monthly invoices for about 14 months now effectively as direct debit. All we need to do is send them an initial link and once they're registered set and forget. It probably saves us about 10-20 hours a month of time internal and external calling clients up chasing small invoices which strain the relationship. Thanks, Pinch!

Response from Pinch Payments

Thanks David, set and forget is exactly what we are all about!
T3 Partners

Excellent app saves us so much in admin time

We are very happy with the functionality and reliability of the product (integrated with Xero). The price is reasonable, a no brainer really given how much time is saved in administering accounts receivable. Our clients like it as they can choose how they pay (from manual online payments to full direct debit, via bank or credit card). The only (minor) thing is the Pinch dashboard does require some training to be able to use fluently, primarily because the app is so configurable. Happy to recommend this product to others including our clients.

Response from Pinch Payments

Thanks for the review! We are making some changes to our dashboard to make it easy to find the functionality available so hopefully that will make things easier.
Hellen Swirski

Paid in a Pinch

I found this to be very easy to use and love how it reconciles the payments however being a small business the only thing I don’t like is how it uses my Xero invoices to do that as for this particular reason it has pushed over our monthly allowance of invoices that we could use which now we have to pay a higher subscription… Not sure if this is something that can be worked on to improve..

Response from Pinch Payments

Hi Hellen, Thanks for leaving a review. There are a couple of items on our roadmap for this including consolidated ledger based reconciliation instead of invoice by invoice. I'm glad you find it easy to use!
Andrew Erkins

Excellent solution

We've tried and tested out dozens of payment solutions over the years at Digit both with our business, and in helping other businesses move to digital payments. The team at Pinch have been amazing at finding technical solutions to meet bespoke needs. They've helped us leverage their Xero capabilities for variable billing, combined with the ability to push in through their API payer details when people sign our agreements. They're the perfect balance of automation combined with customisation, backed by a super attentive team. Can't recommend them highly enough

Response from Pinch Payments

Thanks Andrew that's awesome to hear that you're getting success using our API!
Valerie Leonard

Awesome Product

We have recently signed up with Pinch and cant believe how easy and efficiently it integrated with Xero accounts. Also love the auto-reconcile of payment fees. Pinch also makes it very easy for our clients to pay their bills. Thank you Blake for all your help. We would defiantly recommend Pinch!
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