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Kathy Beeston
B2BPay has been very successful we did have some teething problems at the start but the team at B2BPay where very helpful in rectifying the problem with the setup and we are now up and running would definitely recommend B2BPay
Krisztina Matrof-Hudecz
Very satisfied with B2Bpay! Using Xero make it easier to do any transaction! Earning points from both provider is a bonus. awesome work guys! /World Gym Bunbury/
Catherine Schier
B2B Pay has been great. The integration and set up was easy and we love that we can pay our suppliers with out credit card. Highly recommend.
Danica Gomez
We switch on using b2bpay to pay our suppliers using our credit card. The best thing that b2b offered is that the system is connected in xero, hassle free payments, and being able to earn points. Highly recommended to use this. :)
Chris Watts
We use B2B Pay to pay our suppliers by credit card. It has the advantage of being able to make use of credit card interest free days to help with cash flow, as well as being able to earn QANTAS points from both B2B Pay and our Credit Card Provider. The integration was easy to setup and is easy to use!
Melissa Cochran
I definitely recommend partnering with B2B Pay, it was easy to set up and great that our business can now offer card payment.
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