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Nucleus Logic

Distributors & manufacturers can now easily collect, process & fulfill orders. Improve customer satisfaction and decrease costs in your supply chain.

Nucleus Logic is an affordable, scalable, cloud based supply chain and business operations platform that adapts to your unique requirements…

By integrating inventory control and operations management, Nucleus Logic’s platform contains everything you need to manage your supply chain…

…but this is where the similarities with other business process management systems end. Nucleus Logic is about streamlining and improving efficiency, in a simple, straight-forward and convenient way. Nucleus provides your business with a platform, which gives you the tools and functionality to improve your business processes. What you do with them is up to you.

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Nucleus Logic + Xero

Seamlessly connect to your Nucleus Platform from your Xero online accounting platform.

As you make changes in your accounting platform, your Nucleus Platform will be updated seamlessly.

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